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The recommendations listed here are the results of surveys and research conducted amongst professionally trained and working makeup artists, plus my own personal experiences..,

Unfortunately, makeup 'enthusiasts' or 'influencers' mostly recommend products that are tested only on themselves and suitable to their own individual skin types, tones etc.  They rarely try the product on other people and aren't employed applying makeup or using products on all skin types.

They may also recommend products that they receive for free and some that they are paid to review.  Quite often a paid review is required to be positive regardless of the influencers true opinion.  Always check their policy on paid sponsorship as the laws are different in every country, you`re entitled to honest reviews.  

Influencer vs Professional - There is a difference!!

Here you'll find recommendations by professionals completely qualified in their fields of expertise. Some of these are award winners working in movies, television, with celebrities, models and other professional people.

See my Blog post on Why Another Beauty and Makeup Blog? for more information.

Professional Makeup Artists Recommend
(with most popular first)

Favourite Makeup Brands:   1.  Inglot       2.   Make Up For Ever      3.  Illamasqua

Best Blackest Eyeliner:  Equal: 1.  Inglot and Kat Von D      2.  Stila

Best Gel/Cream Eyeliner:  1. Make Up For Ever Aqua Black waterproof 'liquid' pencils   2.   L'Oreal Paris     3.  Stila  

Eyeliner (other):    1.  Inglot     2.   Ben Nye Pencils     3.   Make Up For Ever Flash Palette

Lip Glosses:  1.   Urban Decay Glosses     2.   Make Up For Ever Shocking Shine

Eye Shadow:  1.   Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow        2.   Viseart     3. Ben Nye

Mascara:  1.   Smashbox     2   Limelight Perfect Mascara     3.   Blinc Amplified Mascara

Highlighter:   1.   Kevyn Aucoin     2.  Nars     3.   Becca

Lipsticks:    1.  Make Up For Ever      2.   Nars     3.   Limelight by Alcone

Eyeshdow:    1.   Viseart     2.   Ben Nye     3.   Make Up For Ever

Blushes:    1.   Becca     2.   Ben Nye     3.   Make Up For Ever

Foundation Primer:    1.   Sonia Roselli Water Balm      2.   Too Faced     3.   Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer

Foundation:    1.   Make Up For Ever HD     2.   Cinema Secrets     3.   Face Atelie r

Concealer:    1.   Kryolan Camouflage    2.   Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhan cer     3.   Nars

Powder:    1.  RCMA No Color Powder     2.   Glo Minerals      3.   Kett Cosmetics   Set Pressed Powder

Eyebrows:    1.  Make Up For Ever Pro Sculpt     2.   Ben Nye     3.   Kryolan

Bronzers:     1.   Smash Box     2.  Make Up For Ever     3.  Cover Girl Queen Collection (drugstore/chemist brand and quite good)

Lighted Makeup Mirrors:  A really good lighting source and mirror is needed for you to apply your makeup with, ovoiding colour match problems and other mistakes.  I have found an amazing site that has a great article on this and highly recommend you take a look at  Jen`s Reviews  article `Best Lighted Makeup Mirror.  I thoroughly research my recommendations so can apprediate how much work Jen has gone into to offer reviews that are genuine and exceptionally well researched.  

Cheaper Brands: Most of above products are high end professional brands that in some cases can be very expensive - this is why professional artists do such incredible, beautiful  work and naturally charge accordingly.  

If your budget is limited there is a really good drugstore/chemist brand that many makeup artists recommend which is  NYX Cosmetics. T hey are available world wide at a reasonable price.

MAC Cosmetics: You may have noticed there aren`t any MAC Cosmetics mentioned.  Most professional makeup artists are choosing not to use MAC as they have found over the years the quality dropped when they where bought out by Estee Lauder and Estee Lauder sell their products to China with the law in China stating all cosmetics must be tested on animals.  In the news, many companies test cosmetics on animals but to set things straight, the company itself doesn`t do the testing themselves, the Chinese government carries out the testing for them.

For a full description on what has happened read my Blog post  Why MAC Cosmetics Aren`t That Popular Anymore
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Recommendations change from time to time, sometmes a manufacturer will change ingredients, a product is discontinued or new ones are found.

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